Our Expectation of Athletes


Little Athletics is about family, fun and fitness. If everyone keeps these few simple rules in mind, it will go a long way towards increasing everyone's enjoyment of Little Athletics.

Athletes' Code of Conduct

  • Play by the rules of athletics.

  • Never argue with an official. If there is a problem, ask your chaperone or the Team Manager to deal with it.

  • Treat other athletes the way you would like to be treated.

  • Never put down another person

  • Never threaten or use violence against another person.

  • Avoid the use of bad language.

  • Co-operate with other members of the club.


If an athlete breaks the code, the following will apply:


First Occurrence

Any committee member may issue a warning to an athlete who has broken the code of conduct. This warning may be noted, and the athlete's parents advised. Should the incident be particularly serious, the athlete may be asked to take no further part in activities for that night.


Second Occurrence

Should an athlete break the code again within one month of the first warning, the athlete will be given a second warning. Any executive member of the committee can give this warning. The athlete's parents must be advised. The committee may decide that probationary conditions should be applied.


Third Occurrence

Should an athlete break the code while under a second warning or probation, the athlete may be suspended or expelled from the club. The president, in consultation with the committee will issue any suspension or expulsion. The athlete's parents will be invited to speak with the president before a decision is made.